Initial Glovepie Script Description

September 3, 2008

So the initial code I have been working on efficiently uses the buttons and motions available with each Wiimote. Here is the set up I have currently:



Dpad = Action keys 1,2,3,4 going clockwise from the far left

A Button = Sheath/Unsheath weapon

B Button = Alt key

Minus Button = Prev Target

Home Button = Nearest Target

Plus Button = Next Target

One Button = Sprint or Ctrl

Two Button = Jump



Dpad = Action keys 5,6,7,8 going clockwise from the far left

A Button = Mouse Right Click

B Button = Shift

Minus Button = Health Pot

Home Button = Mouse Left Click

Plus Button = Stam Pot

One Button = Mouse Middle

Two Button = Change Weapon



And on the Dance pad, I have the front, AND back right & left buttons acting as Turning. While directly Left and Right strafes. Also, the select button is Rest, and Start is Horse (because you usually aren’t moving when you do these actions)


The swings are trickier to describe without either scanning in my drawings or doing something retarded-looking in MS-Paint.


Basically, you hold the Wiimote with the front facing yourself, and when you swing, the buttons will slowly face left, right, or down/left or down/right depending on which way you swing it. The Glovepie code detects whether the Pitch and Roll are below/above a certain amount while specific acceleration forces are active. This is as close to gesture recognition as I can get.


One comment

  1. Controller AND dance pad? Wow — this is very cool stuff.

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