The Script Version 1.0 (early Beta…or whatever)

September 8, 2008

My apologies for not posting in the past few days, alas I forgot my Flash memory at work so I didn’t have any copy of what I was writing for the weekend. Now that I have access again, I’ll post parts of my script and describe how each part functions. If you have any suggestions with how to add/change the script, I’m all ears:




There ya go! 

Ok, with that massive amount of crap being copy/pasted from my computer I will say this. It does not work yet!


The swing script doesn’t work properly, the mouselook is really screwed up, and for some reason lost my ‘old’ dancepad script so I have to go back and look at which PPJoy Virtual Joystick Buttons represent the four corners of the Dance Pad so I can script those commands in.


It doesn’t help that I joined a raiding guild on Thog now, and we did Vistrix last night (it was freaking AWESOME!) and we’re doing Kylikki (sp) and some wurm tonight. I’ll try to get some script fixed before raids start though. The whole thing is looking promising, and it is going to be funny once I actually get my bokken and gladius, which should be in the mail and arriving by the end of this week.


Yes, yes I know…”You’re gonna put yer eye out with that kid!” heh we’ll see!


Oh yes, and if you shop at Game Stop, check this out.




I watched all 90 minutes of it (like 3 episodes), and it cracked me up. Well done sir! (Even if it was a shameless copy of ZeroPunctuation’s Yahtzee)



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