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September 9, 2008

After such a long and script heavy post as I put up yesterday, I’d like to note that there are some people who are about as crazy as I am with this videogame-exercise thing…. notably Jackie Chan.


Personally I think this is an innovative way to make an a-typical exercise (more boxing than tennis) a more exciting and casual experience in ‘the comfort of your own living room!’ Simply pair that up with this article I found on www.gamepolitics.com about how kids burn 4x the calories when playing active video games, and now you have a fairly convincing argument.


Gaming as exercise? Who would’ve thought! Seriously it’s not apples and oranges, they’re both called games in their respective fields (sports & videogames)


Now why hasn’t anyone done this for World of Warcraft, or Halo, or ANY non-sport related game yet?!


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