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Please don’t spoil my day, I’m miles away…

October 1, 2008

and after all I’m only sleeping….


Sorry I have been out. I *gasp* cancelled my AoC account for the time being because my little bro thoughtfully got me a copy of WAR and damn is it a fun game!


At least so far…


I said the same thing about AoC for quite some time so we’ll see.


As far as my Wiimote idea… well I have ported it to WAR and WoW and soon enough I’ll post the final version so all of you can give it a try. Unfortunately though it might actually require three wiimotes. This is because I use one in each hand, and then one in my pocket for jogging around (it really works!).


Humorously enough (and btw I am NOT going to include this in the final version) I found out that if you put a wiimote into a hat-like holder on your head, you could use it for mouse-look simply by nodding your head roughly in that direction. Unfortunately I feel like adding yet another wiimote would make the set-up uncannily ridiculous.


So feel free to stop by and check out my next update…which should be soon. I just need to post the script!




PS. I may come back to AoC if and only if  they deliver on the promises that the content that should’ve been there on relase is now there and then some. Seriously the game gets pretty boring shortly after you hit 80, and even raids don’t yield gear that you can even use to tank the mobs you get the gear from!