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Exergaming, the sequel!

September 18, 2008

While I was bored at work I found a bunch of websites detailing all sorts of forms of Exergaming!


I just got my screwdriver to take apart my Wiimote yesterdayNow I’m polishing up on my hacking & woodworking skills and installing a Wiimote into the handle of my Bokken without destroying either. Until I get that done, or take some awesome photos of the process, I am putting up links with information about exergaming.


Here is a History of Exergaming and game controllers related.


Here is a sight for a company involved in advanced sensor technology, Virtus


Also, a French designer created a series of sensors you wear called Bodypad. I wonder how that works?


There is another company called In2Games that has created several versions of 3d tracking controllers.

Sorry for the lack of content today. I’ve actually been working at work lol.